There are lots of websites, youtube channels e.t.c that talk about gadgets. While doing well at it, none is actually writing/talking with tech newcomers in mind.

For example, some self-acclaimed experts talk about gadgets’ specs without considering those new in tech. They will be using big tech words and acronyms thinking everyone understands tech like them.

At SpecGadgets.com, we explain gadgets’ specs in a language and manner everyone one will understand. We explain specs, what they are, functions, and recommendations when necessary. We explain specs on this website in a way that a newcomer in the fast-moving tech space will understand.

We break tech specs down to the level of a first-grade student so that everyone will understand their gadgets and keep up with the fast-evolving gadget world.

We have seen people who after reading the specs of a product, will still be confused and go around asking people if the product will perform the tasks they need. Why are they doing that? It is because they don’t understand the technical specs of that product.

They are presented with the specs but still can’t determine if it will meet their tasks. That is why we created SpecGadgets to explain in detail each spec of a gadget. After reading an article about a particular product on this website, you will be left with enough knowledge to make a purchase decision.

At SpecGadgets, we talk about everything gadgets like phones, earbuds, headphones, smartwatches, VRs, laptops, TV, e.t.c. SpecGadgets is the go-to hub for everything gadgets. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.